Exotic Sand Dunes in Jaisalmer Incredible Experience

Desert sam sand dunes in Jaisalmer, an very attractive place to enjoy each moment of life with family or friends. Make it memorable with Jaisalmer sam sand dunes. To know more call us at +91 7340061832.

Exotic Sand Dunes in Jaisalmer Incredible Experience


Jaisalmer is the town of "sand dunes", situated in the large and good-looking Sahara desert of Rajasthan, India. It is also recognized as by the name of "Golden City" of India. It is an attractive city and it has enchanted tourists from a long time from all over the globe. It is naturally a pleasant place for excursions and hence, Jaisalmer tourism department has made a path for such tour possible in the city.

As one gather familiarity with these sites, one is attracted increasingly towards making a journey to the city. Jaisalmer sightseeing helps and alleviate the visit of travelers by giving all potential information about these excursion places located in & around Jaisalmer.

This area is well-known for the interesting sand dunes, charming havelis, splendid forts, thrilling camel safaris, and beautiful temples which captivate tourists throughout their Jaisalmer tour.

Sand Dunes:

When it comes to sand dunes, two famous names strike the mind - Jaisalmer Sam sand dunes. Located 42 km on the outer edge of Jaisalmer, Sam is well-known for its ravishing yellow sand & mountain-high sand dunes. There is no point visiting the grand Thar Desert if you don't practice an unusual desert safari.

And this is why Sam sand dunes are becoming remarkably popular these days. This is the most excellent place where you can let go your mind and soul in the plentiful vivacious and appeal of the grand Thar Desert.

Khuri sand dunes are also gradually picking up in the should visit the list of the tourists, which is well-known for the utmost calmness and mesmerizing heights. If Sam seems to be little overfull, this is the best option to enjoy the splendors of true desert life.

Desert Attractions:

Sand dunes in Jaisalmer are becoming the main attractions for tourists, with a superb stretch of splendid dunes, through sparse vegetation. And the best way to explore this natural loveliness is on a camel safari. Book a magnificence camel safari on your Jaisalmer tour and travel along the beautiful crests and troughs.

Enjoy the solitude and romance as the camel takes you to exciting heights of the Thar Desert. Book a desert camp and practice the splendor, as these dunes change their hue with a way of time in a day. Say goodbye as the sun sets behind the fine crimson red sand dunes.

The most excellent way to enjoy the dunes is to take on a camel safari trip at the Jaisalmer Sam sand dunes. The camel trip is well planned and the camel owners are well conscious of the settings of the dunes in the desert. Tourists can be certain of enjoying the magic of dunes totally in the corporation of these guides. Rajasthan sand dunes camel safari is most excellent equipped to bring to you the real encounter with the unusual Rajasthan.

Evenings with the sun setting & nights are the most excellent time to visit the dunes. Set against the moonlit sky the dunes form completely contoured shadows of ripples and rolling crests that is totally gripping for its viewers. The silver rays of the moon spread its happiness in the entire region thereby making the sand glow like an ornament; this charming view will certainly sweep you off your feet.